Whether you’re looking for your first business network or datacenter environment or you’re transitioning your entire business to a new network, The Joule Group can help. We specialize in the planning, installation, integration, commissioning and testing of the following systems:

Point-to-Multipoint Solutions (Microwave)

Wifi6 and Wifi/802.11 Solutions (Cisco, Aruba, and more)

Rack and Stack Solutions (Servers, Routers, Power Supplies, Switches and more)

Mobile Networks Solutions (Small Cell, 4G, 5G)

Surveillance and Security Camera Systems

Business Phone and VOIP Systems

Our trained staff can complete the most complicated installation requirements using state of the art software and equipment to ensure you get trouble free high speed data connections between your points of interconnect including: Twisted Pair – Public Address Cabling, Patch Panel Termination and Installation, Coaxial Cabling, Category 3 telecommunication cable, Cat 5e & Cat 6 data cable, Multi-Mode Fibre, Single Mode Fibre, Cable Management Bars, and LAN Cable Installation