Working from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the landscape of how people work and more of us are getting our jobs done remotely. The new reality means cybersecurity and technology issues cannot be solely managed by the office team, but rather, becomes a shared responsibility for all users.  Cyber criminals have become increasingly creative as they seek to leverage the opportunity presented by home devices that may … Continued

The Ins and Outs of Wi-Fi 6

Amidst the dramatic changes brought on by Covid-19, more than one million businesses in North America have transitioned to primarily working online. Moreover, this shift has brought a significant increase in internet and Wi-Fi usage globally.  That is why we thought we would take the time to discuss Wi-Fi 6, the newest update from the Wi-Fi alliance, and why, especially during this time, it could be beneficial to businesses.  What is Wi-Fi 6?  Wi-Fi 6, also … Continued

Great Plays start with a Strong Playbook

At The Joule Group, we have deployed over 10,000 Wi-Fi Access Points.  A large deployment means a large, multi organization team – each with their own culture and style of working.  The four organizations typically include: Representatives from The Joule Group Representatives from the customer organization Representatives from one or more vendor organizations Representatives from … Continued