Great Plays start with a Strong Playbook

At The Joule Group, we have deployed over 10,000 Wi-Fi Access Points.  A large deployment means a large, multi organization team – each with their own culture and style of working.  The four organizations typically include:

  1. Representatives from The Joule Group
  2. Representatives from the customer organization
  3. Representatives from one or more vendor organizations
  4. Representatives from one or more subcontractor organizations

Across the team, the roles typically include:

  1. Network Engineer – Responsible for configuring the network equipment once deployed
  2. Site Survey Designers – Responsible for developing the site surveys and RF deployment plans
  3. Technicians – Responsible for installing the equipment and running the cables
  4. Project Managers – Responsible for developing the site project plans and detailed schedules and the associated coordination
  5. Program Manager – Responsible for ensuring that the overall program is planned correctly and executing as per the customer expectations. Responsible for managing scope changes and the associated paperwork.
  6. Constructors – Responsible for ensuing that the conduits, power and mounting locations are ready to go.
  7. Account Managers – Responsible for handling change requests and negotiating associated scope changes and cost changes

A team this large spanning multiple organizations requires a strong Playbook! A Playbook is a living document which details the rules of engagement and the “order of operations”. It includes the following key components

Location of the work, site contacts, and any requirements for special equipment (for example, scissor lift).

Start time, stop time, overtime provisions, and escalation process should the site or required personnel not be available and ready at the scheduled time

Scope of work, provisions for scope creep and process for initiating a change request (keeping in mind that sometimes the change request process may be a more costly option than immediately completing the additional work if the crews already be on-site).

Roles & Responsibilities of the teams including who is ultimately accountable for each task, who is actually doing the work, who needs to be consulted and who simply needs to be information (including provisions and escalation process should a team member be unable to fulfill their responsibility).

A well constructed and well managed Playbook can make the difference between a hugely successful project and a disastrous one. For more information on Playbooks and how The Joule Group can help you or your organization, please contact us at [email protected] .