Working from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the landscape of how people work and more of us are getting our jobs done remotely. The new reality means cybersecurity and technology issues cannot be solely managed by the office team, but rather, becomes a shared responsibility for all users. 

Cyber criminals have become increasingly creative as they seek to leverage the opportunity presented by home devices that may lack the security offered by office and company networks. 

Protecting personal information; working on secure sites and being wary of the potential for malware are heightened concerns. VPN’s offer a certain level of protection, however users need to be aware that they are still at risk to hackers who can piggy-back them and compromise data.

Video conferencing has increased exponentially, and the platform Zoom has grown from just over 1 million users pre-pandemic to 300M+. Increased demand brings with it an increased risk for security breaches and the company has had to address issues with hackers accessing web cams and ‘Zoom-bombing’ where strangers randomly join and disrupt video calls. To minimize the potential for cyber security risks: access the platform via the web; limit the number of accounts; download the app only from legitimate sites such as Google Play and the Apple Store and use the features provided to authenticate users by enabling ‘do not join before host’, using a randomized meeting ID, and password protect meetings.

Aside from security, reliable internet is another key issue for those working from home. Professional support that ensures secure service with a back up plan that may include a mobile phone hot spot or cell plan that includes tethering is important. 

The Joule Group can set up secure and reliable WiFi networks in the office and at home; review protocols for backing up work and establish communications back up plans. To learn more about the services available to ensure proper security and risk precautions contact them at [email protected] or 1 855 66 JOULE (56853).